Leadership Development

He who has only a hammer as a tool sees a nail in every problem.
Paul Watzlawick

Leading people and groups is one of the most challenging jobs of managers. One combines the roles of sparring partner, mentor, team member, coach, conflict solver, vision giver and much more. To successfully master this balancing act, you need tools and techniques from the areas of communication, conflict management, as well as team and organisational development.

We have designed a program especially for these requirements which, in addition to teaching relevant content and techniques, includes accompanying individual coaching for in-depth reflection and allows the participants to get into action within a company-internal case study.

In addition to interdisciplinary networking among managers in the company, participants reflect using self-tests. To create the best possible environment, work is done in three blocks spread over six months, with three trainers and a programme leader sharing their knowledge and tools with the participants.

At a glance, this means:
We work on 4 levels
  1. Teaching the content of leadership theories
  2. Self-reflection by means of self-tests and individual coaching sessions
  3. Work on an internal company case study
  4. Interdisciplinary networking of managers in the company

After an evaluation, the contents are individually tailored to your company and the program plan is aligned accordingly.